Vegetable fern to be selection Menu is perfect

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Want to taste different? Try to taste the menu ' fried ' ala cuckoos Resto Summit in Manado. Savory flesh. It is delicious eaten with dabu-dabu aka spicy Sambal.

Fried doves are one of the  various menus on offer Manado Summit Resto. In serving, doves ' accompanied ' crackers shaped like a bird's nest. Of course this is edible because crackers made from cassava. In one portion is big, this menu presents a two-tailed cuckoos which have been dismembered, of cassava crackers and kriuk-kriuk small dilapisan below. Garnish slices of lime and carrots make a pretty  display this menu when the Tribune of Manado.

Not only how it looks it was indeed tasty, delicious other than others. Enjoy fried doves with white rice is indeed ' cucok '. Fruit Juice ' mix ' and ' orange ' young coconut ice becomes the perfect companion while enjoying it. Yummy ... The

Had not yet reached there. The Menu of chicken Feathers really complement the action of the Jeep-Jeep teams in the stands Sunday edition of Manado this time. The Aroma of spices are wafted when this menu is served. Unique because it is still in the fur. Not just unique, it was really delicious and fresh with a variety of herbs because the typical cuisine of Minahasa.

Vegetable fern to be selection Menu is perfect to accompany a hearty side dish-side of it. Hemm ... ... It gives the dish Manado Summit Resto that is perfect for lovers of the culinary.

Manager James Palinggi Manado Summit Resto said fried chicken and pigeon feathers is the specialty at this resto. Moreover meat doves contains proteins, fats, calcium, phosphorus and calories is very effective for improving intelligence is excellent for all ages especially children in periods of growth. "In addition there is also a menu such as chicken sauteed Dragon, sogili woka, tagu lanterns, crispy fried chicken and many more. Our varied Menu of traditional cuisine, Chinese Food to several  western menu is here. And it's all kosher cuisine can be sampled all

Cooking Recipes: Cakes Cenil

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Wet cake, one of the traditional  cuisine of Indonesia. However, this cake is rarely found, one of them a wet cake cenil. Snacks are chewy texture that has a colorful cenil. With the three colors, i.e. Green, pink, and yellow makes cakes moist cenil is very interesting to try. This cake is typically dimakankan with granulated sugar which is dicocol.

Want to know how to make this cake moist cenil? The following recipe Pastry Cenil:

The materials need to be Prepared:

400 grams of starch, dissolve dg 60 ml water
215 ml water
1 tsp salt
food coloring
2000 ml of water to boil
8 – 10 pieces of pandan leaves, cut into pieces
½ grain old coconut, peeled, shredded lengthways
1 tsp salt
6 tbsp caster sugar

How To Make A Moist Cake Cenil:

1. Boil water and salt over medium heat.

2. stir in cornstarch solution while stirring until mixture thickens. Then, the dough was made.

3. stirring constantly until mixture thickens and cool slightly while mixing the rest of the kanji is a little by little.

4. After the dough evenly, divide the dough into 3 parts and provide 3 different dyes.

5. take 1 tbsp of each color and shape dough into a round.

6. Cook the water and pandan leaves to boil. Reduce heat, cover the Pan and cook until the aroma of pandan seep

7. Discard pandan leaves, stir dough cut into pieces, Cook until the float and lift

8. roll it into shredded coconut is mixed salt and wet cake cenil teapot

For added enjoyment, serve this cake with a sprinkling of colorful cenil wet granulated sugar.


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Traditional snacks  are often enak called Tiananmen, from past to present are various snacks are still often encountered on the market. In addition, the existence of cultural rituals which serves traditional dishes of the typical cakes were instrumental in preserving and again reminds us how rich culinary variations  of Indonesia. Not only tastes good but also have shapes and colors that tempt the taste buds.
A diverse collection of wet cake recipe has a lot of us share in this beloved blog. If the previous wet cake recipes that others posted based on the title, then this time some Traditional Indonesia Cake Recipes us auto summary here to make it easier to search.
traditional Indonesian cake recipe

500 gr of glutinous flour
50 gr of tapioca flour
350 gr granulated sugar
250 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut grain
350 grams of coconut half old, peeled, shredded lengthways
1 tbsp margarine
1 sheet of pandanus leaf, make a knot
½ TSP fine salt
½ TSP vanilla paste or vanilla powder
banana leaf or oil paper


2 egg yolk granules
½ tbsp margarine


Boil the coconut milk, sugar, salt and pandan leaves to boil and is thick.
Mix glutinous flour, tapioca, shredded coconut, margarine and vanilla, mix well. Add boiled coconut milk little by little while continuing to stir until kalis and oily. Pour the dough on a baking sheet the dialasi banana leaf, flatten.
Oven with a temperature of 160 ° C for up to 20 minutes, remove from the oven and brush the surface with brand ingredients. Bake for 25 minutes longer until cooked yellow brownish.


125 gr flour
75 gr granulated sugar
1 tsp pandan paste
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 tsp emulsifier
100 ml coconut milk a bit lumpy, boil
salt and grated coconut, steamed


Beat eggs, granulated sugar, salt and emulsifier until fluffy dough. Stir in flour which has been sifted. Add the coconut milk, pandan paste and stir until batter is well blended.
Prepare the mold, fill it with grated coconut to make coconut pressed while solid. Pour the dough to ¾ mold. Steamed for 15 minutes, lift and remove from the mold.


250 gr flour proteins are
200 ml fresh milk
3 eggs
150 gr granulated sugar
½ TSP vanilla powder
15 gr emulsifier
1 tsp chocolate paste


Mix flour, granulated sugar, vanilla powder, emulsifier and set aside.
Shake off the eggs and fresh milk and then insert it into the flour Mixture, stir well and then the mixer at high speed until the 15 minutes until thick and fluffy. For two batters, one part chocolate add the pasta, stir until blended.
Pour the white chocolate batter and batter alternately up to meet the paper cup and enter into the mold of the same height.
Heat the steamer, put the mold into a steamer, alasi with clean cloth. Steamed up to 15 minutes without opening the lid, lift up and remove the cake from the mould.


340 gr rice flour
50 gr flour proteins are
150 gr granulated sugar
½ tsp salt
700 ml coconut milk from the coconut grain
3 drops red colouring
3 drops green coloring


2 tbsp rice flour
150 ml coconut milk from ¼ grains of coconut


100 ml coconut milk from ½ coconut, boil grains


Cook while stirring until the cause of the fuel explodes-letup. Remove and immediately pour into a mixture of rice flour, wheat flour, sugar and salt. Stir well with a wooden spoon. After a warm, pour the coconut milk while diuleni and dikeplok-keplok up to 30 minutes. Take 2 tbsp of the batter, let the red dye. Take 2 tbsp dough again, give green chrome, stir well.
Preheat the mold carabikang 1 hour while filled with shredded coconut. Pour the dough rising ¾ mold. Squirt red and green dough. Bake until with wholes are. Cungkil the bottom of the center of the dough. Resistant to cracking. Lift, oles surface of the cake and the bottom of the cake with the brand.


400 grams of starch, dissolve dg 60 ml water
215 ml water
1 tsp salt
food coloring
2000 ml of water to boil
8 – 10 pieces of pandan leaves, cut into pieces
½ grain old coconut, peeled, shredded lengthways
1 tsp salt
6 tbsp caster sugar


Boil water and salt over medium heat. Stir in cornstarch solution while stirring until mixture thickens, lift.
Stirring constantly until mixture thickens and cool slightly, combine remaining cornstarch a little by little into it. Knead until blended then divide the dough into 3 parts and masing2nya was given a color.
Take 1 tbsp of batter each color and then paste it into one, roll the long form of pinkie and then cut into pieces.
Cook the water and pandan leaves to boil. Reduce the heat and then

These Tables Of Pastry Making Machine Automatic

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Exhibitions Bacary (Bakery,  Confectionery & Cake) Food Industry Jogja Expo 2014 on 12-14 September showing a variety of culinary kerasi and technology of today. Including making machine automatic pastries, cookie depositor.

President Director of PT Berkania Promosindo Richard Pesik said the first new exhibition was held for the region of Yogyakarta. Similar activities already carried out a number of big cities such as Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and Makassar. Yogyakarta  became a city representative to the DIY and Central Java.

"The reason we chose the Jogja because its culinary industry growth is quite high," explained Richard on the sidelines of events, at the JEC, Friday (12/9/2014).

During the three-day exhibition event, said Richard, it invites entrepreneurs konden in culinary fields. Both came from SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES, hospitality, restaurant and Cafe. It is targeting sales transactions to Rp6 billion.

"This exhibition followed the 80 most companies from China, Taiwan and Singapore. They offer basic material supplies, "he said.

One of the innovations that are shown is the pastry maker machine named cookie depositor. With this machine, the owner is capable of producing as many as 4,000 rounds of pastry in a time of one hour.

"This machine I designed myself. All is programmed automatically. Living pick want pastry forms what?, "said Owner ProFood Machinery Lukas Honggo Kariyanto.

The smart machine even been exported to several countries such as Taiwan and the United Kingdom. It accepts booking engine with indent system for one month and costs per unit reached Rp190 million.

"These machines have been created as many as 40 units. About 10 units still indent. In addition to efficient energy, form cakes produced consistently. This is truly an original draft of Indonesia, "he said.

In addition to making   pastries, there was also a cake maker machine nastar (rounding machine). The machine is made by as much as 95 units where one unit is able to generate as much as 5,000 rounds of pastry fill for one hour.

"This machine can make the moci, onde-onde and will even dry. The Volume of the dough could reach 50 kg. One grain weighs only 10 grams, "close alumni of GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY's Faculty of agricultural technology

Goat Recipes Ripe Pineapple

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If do not like Coconut  Curry  goat, we have other recipes delicious Goat Recipe: Cook the pineapple. Please try.


3 tablespoons cooking oil
300 gr mutton
3 pieces cardamom
3 grains of clove
1/2 pineapple, cut into pieces
1/2 green bell pepper, diced
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
Salt and granulated sugar to taste
300 ml water
Subtle seasoning:
1 teaspoon pepper
5 cloves of garlic
7 grains of red onion
3 grains candlenut
2 cm ginger

1. Preheat cooking oil, Saute  seasoning smooth, cardamom, and cloves until aromatic.
2. Enter the goat meat, Cook until it changes color. Pour the water, Cook until boiling.
3. Add the salt and sugar, and cook until the meat is cooked.
4. stir in pineapple, red pepper, green pepper, and mix well. Remove and serve.

Eating Fried Rice Spice Mafia Pay Simply By Prayer

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For lovers of fried rice you can eat  fried rice Spice fried rice Mafia at The Muwardi 1 No 18E, Grogol, West Jakarta. In places to eat that are located after the Bus Terminal this Grogol, you simply pay him with prayers on Thursday (09/10/2014)-Saturday (11/10/2014).

"For three days we menggratiskan 2,000 dishes, but  the pay shared prayer. Starts 12.00-23.00, "said Owner fried rice Mafia Branch Grogol, West Jakarta, Gabriel Montadaro, Wednesday (08/10/2014).

According to Gabriel, the  fried rice Spice the Mafia there are seven menus with a seasoning of spices. Seventh menu that is the God Father, Bandits, thugs, Gangsters, Triad, Yakuza, and Brandal Wednesday.

"There is a sweet and spicy flavor up
 to five
levels deep. Then extra toping fried egg, scrambled egg, plus kikil kikil, and cracker, "he said.

Recipes Grilled Barbeque Seasoning Cilok

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Who likes cilok?  This could be found anywhere, from the side of the road to great mall. Nibbles is actually easy to make it, let alone burn like typical cilok. You can try the grilled barbeque sauce cilok that tastes this special.


150 grams cornstarch

150 grams of flour

3 cloves garlic, mashed

250 ml chicken stock

1/2 tsp salt

Brand Of Sauce:

2 tbsp ready-made barbeque seasoning

1 tbsp butter, melt

How To Make:

Mix cornstarch, flour and garlic.
Knead until the dough is well blended.
Boil water and salt to boiling broth.
Pour the boiled water into the dough  cilok, pour to taste and mix well until dough can be made circle. Knead the dough until the kalis.
Print cilok forming bubbles.
Heat the water in a pot to boil, boiled dough cilok and wait until it floats. Lift the drain. Wait for it to cool.
After cold Satay Skewers twinge on cilok.

How To Burn Cilok:

Mix the until the brand of flat.
Rub cilok is pricked with the mixture, in order to align the brush use food.
Cilok fuels until fragrant and lightly browned.
Remove and serve while warm.

Recipes Chicken Soto Lamongan Tasty

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Chicken Soto Lamongan is   one of the famous local specialties throughout Indonesia. You can make your own Chicken Soto Lamongan are tasty. Not hard to make the most delicious and enjoyed the cool air.


1 chickens the size of 800-900 gram weight, remove the head and legs, cut into 4 parts

2 liters of water

3 stalks Lemongrass, memarkan

5 pieces of Orange leaves, discarded bones of the leaves

2 tablespoons salt

1 teaspoon pepper powder

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

The Seasoning Paste:

10 cloves shallots

6 cloves of garlic

2 cm ginger

4 cm turmeric

4 the candle nut grain already roasted peanuts

Supplementary Materials:

50 grams glass noodles, hot water, drained seduh

2 stalks celery, coarsely chopped

2 plum tomatoes, cut into thin slices

3 hard-boiled eggs, halve 8 parts

100 g bean sprouts

100 grams of cabbage, finely sliced

Fried shallots

How To Make:

Boil water and add chicken changes  color. Drain the chicken and let the water kaldunya.
Fry chicken until browned yellow. Lift, shred-shred or thinly sliced. Set Aside.
Heat the oil and saute seasoning smooth until aromatic. Add the Lemongrass and lime leaves. Mix well, lift.
Stir fry ingredients pour into the former chicken stew Bouillon. Cook until gravy boils.

How To Serve:

Enter the chicken and garnish already shredded into a bowl.
Pour the hot soup.
Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions, warm rice, sambal and krupuk.

Fresh Young Coconut Mango Pudding

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The mango season has arrived. Time to get  creative with this favorite sweet fruit. You can combine it with young coconut pudding and make it super fresh. very suitable for the hot weather at the time was served.


2 packets of gelatin powder white
250 g brown sugar
400 ml Water
young coconut juice 100 ml
fragrant Mango sweet 2 pieces (peeled, puree with a blender)
1 Young Coconut fruit (fruit, meat extract)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla powder

How To Make:

Sugar, destroy, boiled with  water until dissolved, set aside.
Boil agar with young coconut water to boil.
Add mango, sugar, water, vanilla, salt, stir and lift.
Prepare the pudding moulds according to taste, moisten with a little water.
Put the meat of coconuts and set at the bottom of the mold.
Pour the pudding mixture into the mold.
Let cool and put into the refrigerator , serve in a State of cold.

Easy isn't it? Good luck with the ...

Ice Cream Recipes Vegetarian

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Some people   become vegans do not consume ice cream containing milk. For it can be replaced using coconut milk or coconut milk.

The fat content in coconut  milk vegetable fats are included, but it's not going to change too. Well, this time, let's try to make a special ice cream the ingredients with 3 course vegan yuk.


750 ml thick coconut milk

100-200 g granulated sugar

1.5 tbsp vanilla extract

How To Make A

1. mix the thick coconut milk with sugar and simmer in low heat. Stir to blend for 5 minutes.

2. lift, let sit for a moment. Stir in vanilla extract and mix evenly. Put into refrigerator and let stand for 6 hours or overnight.

3. insert it into the Ice Cream Maker, then serve with extra tropical fruit or enjoyed.

Easy isn't it? Now you can try making  his own ice cream at home  with a healthy natural flavours. This ice can only last up to 2 weeks in the freezer.